Servicing & Workshop Prices

Individual Jobs


Fitting Single Gear Cable                               £10

Fitting Full Cable Set                                      £30

(Internal cable routing £5 extra)



Adjusting brakes                                             £5 each

Fitting new brake pads                                  £8

Fitting new brake                                            £15 (including cable)

Bleeding Disc Brake                                       £15 each


Gear Adjustment                                            £15

Fitting/Replacing of

                Chain                                                £10

                Cassette                                           £10

                Crank                                                £15

                Bottom Bracket                              £20

Contact Points

Fitting of

                Grips                                                 £5

                Bar Tape                                           £10

                Handlebar/Stem                             £10

                Saddle/Seatpost/Pedals                £5

Frame and Forks

Fitting Fork                                                       £20

Fitting Headset                                                £25


Wheel Truing                                                    £10

 *additional charges for spoke replacement

Wheel Build                                                      £25

Hub Service                                                      £15

Service Packages
A service package can offer the best value for money by combining mulitple jobs whilst the bike is in the stand

The 'Check Over' - £35

This sevice is a basic but thorough checkover of your bike, something to ensure your bike is ready for the season ahead. It will identify any potential future issues such as tyre/chain wear etc.

This package includes;

~ All nuts and bolts checked

~ Gears and brakes adjusted to best working order

~ Transmission lubricated

~ Tyres pumped 

~ Inspection of all parts with recommendations for any additional or future work.

The 'As Good as New' - £75

This is our most popular package, it will keep your bike running smooth safe and efficient; the fast is up to you!

This package includes everything in the 'Check Over' plus;

~ Full frame, components and wheel clean

~ Full drivetrain degrease and re-lubrication

~ Wheel true

~ New gear and cableset*

*If necessary. Cost of basic cableset included, e.g. full outers and internal cable routing will cost extra. 

The 'Deluxe' - £120

This service means business, it involves a full strip down to the frame and all parts then reinstalled. A factory reset for your bike!

This package includes everything in 'As Good as New' plus;

~ All parts removed, cleaned & degreased

~ Bottom bracket removed and serviced

~ Headset removed and serviced

~ Checking and cleaning of all frame threads/races

~ All parts refitted and lubricated

Any additional jobs needed are charged at half price when combined with 'As Good as New' package.

All services will be quoted and approval will be needed before any work has taken place.